Welcome to LOTW Users Online!

Cluster grid and filters update

Posted on 26-May-2014

Hi All, As you can noticed I made some changes to site interface. Grid showing cluster data will now allow more pages to be shown. A new very useful feature is the extended filter functionality. You can ease create filter to restrict grid to show only spots from a number of DXCC entities you want, or specific states. It is easy to follow for multiple calls by entering only parts of the call. Like with VK,ZL cluster will show only data for Australian and New Zealand stations. It is also possible to save multiple filters and quickly select any of them. Hope that you will enjoy the new flexible filtering features. Good luck with your LOTW scores and happy DXing. 73!

DXCC and States drop-down lists

Posted on 02-Oct-2011

Now you are able to select from list of DXCC countries or list of States to make a filter of the data. Next to titles for DXCC and State there is an additional '+' sign. Clicking on it will expand the list from which you can make your selection. Click on desired link in the list to make the data be filtered. To close the list without selection click on '-' button which shows up in place of '+' when list is expanded. Hope you will enjoy this feature. 73!

Search By US States added

Posted on 20-Sep-2011

Hello all, finally I found some time to add new feature to this cluster site. Now I show US States next to DXCC country and you can filter by it. You can filter first by United States and then see the states which can be also filtered when you click on them. States info is pulled from QRZ.com and it is possible that for some calls this info to be missing. Hope you will improve your WAS scores in LOTW. I will add some more things in the near future. 73!

Filters for Callsign and DXCC are added!

Posted on 15-Apr-2011

For now they work when you click on LOTW Callsign or DXCC country name. Data will be filtered depending on band selected. If you click on Callsign or DXCC when you are on 'ALL' bands you will see the data shown again for all bands. In order to get back just click on link 'Back to all spots'.

LOTW Online Users Cluster is created!

Posted on 10-Apr-2011

The goal of this web site is to filter dx-cluster to find operators who are registered in LOTW and show them to people interested. This would be very useful when trying to improve your scores in LOTW system. Starting with basic functionallity the site will be constantly improved to make it easier for you to find stations you need. I will post in the 'Home' section when something new is added. This software is using data from DX Summit from Radio Arcala and Lotw Users list from HB9BZA. As a starting version this utility may have some problems. Any comments and suggestions are wellcome on my email administrator@lotw-online.com .